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Recruit Division Commander

Recruit Division Commanders (RDC) are Navy professionals that transform civilians into Sailors. E5 & above are eligible. RDC's receive Special Duty Assignment Pay, up to 24 months waived off their follow-on sea tour, as well as post tour choice of coast after a successful RTC assignment. If you have any questions about becoming a RDC contact the Shore Special Program Detailer (PERS-4010D) at DSN: 882-3855/COMM: 901-874-3855.

Applicants must meet the following requirements as a minimum to be assigned to RDC duty:
  • Able to lead physical fitness training on a daily basis
  • Outstanding appearance in uniform
  • Warfare qualified. (Waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis)
  • Articulate and professional
  • PO2s must have six years TIS, two years TIR prior to getting orders (waiverable)
  • Outstanding leadership and imaginative problem-solving skills
  • No NJP's or any evaluation mark below 3.0 in past 36 months (no exceptions)
  • Must have passed most recent PFA with a good low or better, be within current height/weight standards, (no exceptions), and have participated in the 1.5 mile run. Alternate cardio accepted with a waiver. (Mock PRT's are acceptable)

Some of the benefits of RDC duty are:
  • $450 per month Special Duty Assignment Pay
  • Additional annual clothing allowance of $220
  • Free dry-cleaning services while actively training a Recruit Division
  • Opportunity to earn a Master Training Specialist qualification (similar to warfare qual on shore duty)
  • Advancement rate to Chief and Senior Chief close to double the Navy-wide average for advancement
  • New state of the art facilities and equipment
  • Per the ACE evaluation, RDC's will earn up to 24 college credits, both upper and lower towards a bachelor's degree
 For additional information you may contact:
   901-874-3878/DSN 882-3878
   901-874-3855/DSN 882-3855  
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