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Effective immediately, the U.S. Navy is suspending all Recruit Training Command (RTC), in Great Lakes, IL, and Officer Training Command (OTC), in Newport RI, formal, large-scale graduation ceremonies until further notice as part of its proactive approach to protect our mission and limit the potential spread of COVID-19.
Recruits, Officer Candidates and students will continue to graduate, but the transition from Recruit or Officer Candidate to Sailor will be marked by small, internal events which cannot be live-streamed.
This decision was made after considering recommendations from the CDC and medical professionals, to support the well-being of our students and staff, and to maintain our mission essential function of providing basically trained Sailors to the fleet.
While graduation is an important symbolic event for Sailors and their families, it is not essential for training, and in light of concerns in gathering large groups of individuals together, it would be inappropriate to continue the ceremony at this time.
We will continue to closely monitor the situation, and will resume graduations and guest attendance as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Our Mission

The mission of Recruit Training Command is embodied in the Recruit Division Commander's Creed.

To transform civilians into smartly disciplined, physically fit, basically trained Sailors who are ready for follow-on training and service to the fleet while instilling in them the highest standards of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

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