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RDC School

RDC School is a 13-week long, physically challenging, intensive hands-on training course that prepares prospective RDCs (Blue Ropes) with the skills, perspective, and physical readiness to be a Recruit Division Commander. Upon reporting to RDC School students are assigned a qualified RDC mentor and split into RDC School classes of 15-50 students. Phases of training for RDC Students include:

Indoc covers Navy Rights and Responsibilities, CPR qualification/ re-qualification, Command Policies and Procedures, and other information for staff members at Recruit Training Command.

Drill Phase
Instruction on marching, formations, Manual of the Cutlass and Manual of the Guidon. This phase also teaches Recruit Graduation Ceremony procedures.

Star Phase
RDC students learn compartment readiness through proper stenciling, folding, and stowing of all uniform articles issued to recruits.

Administration Phase
This phase of training focuses on the proper recording and updating of Recruit Divisional records.

Leadership Phase
This final classroom training will introduce and define the different types of leadership styles required of an RDC. Role-playing and situational scenarios further enhance successful leadership techniques.

Shadow I & II
As a critical part of an RDC’s training, shadowing qualified RDC’s (Red Ropes) allows students on-the-job training to solidify classroom instruction and build confidence.
Your ability and stamina to perform physical exercises correctly is paramount. PT sessions (three times a week) start at approximately 0545 with stretching, military movements and anaerobic/aerobic conditioning.

You will be expected to stand weekly Personnel Inspections while in RDC School. Personnel inspections will cover proper wear of the uniform, basic military knowledge questions, hand salute and formation movements. Ribbons, warfare devices and rating badges must be in excellent condition to maintain the highest standard of professional military appearance.

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Last Modified 2/15/2013
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