Veterans Orientation Program Mission Statement

The US Naval Veterans (NAVET) and Other Service Veterans (OSVET) Veterans Orientation program, IAW Commander Navy Recruiting Command (COMNAVCRUITCOM) instruction(s) and in compliance with Recruit Training Command (RTC) policy, is responsible for administratively processing veterans through Veterans Orientation, from all branches of the military, back onto active duty. We also provide training, medical support and the basic logistics required to ensure a smooth transition. For the Veterans Orientation team, getting you ready for the Fleet and back into the fight is our primary focus. The Veterans Orientation program partners with other departments in the Great Lakes region in support of these goals.

Follow-On Information for Inbound Personnel

Veterans Orientation (NAVET/OSVET) personnel should be aware of the following information prior-to transit from the MEPS station to RTC Great Lakes.
*** Notes derived from COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8 (series), Volume 4 and local Standard Operating Procedures at RTC***

    1. NAVETs re-accessing into the Active Component, and OSVETs, are not required to attend Navy Recruit Training, but are ordered to RTC Great Lakes (UIC 42125) for in-processing and the Veterans Orientation Course.  In-processing at RTC Great Lakes may require up to 60 days to complete.
    2. Uniform issuance and tailoring may take some time.  NAVETs are required to bring their full sea bag.  Members should also bring appropriate civilian attire in order to gain admittance to Navy Exchanges, open and closed messes, and service clubs.
    3. Opening a Navy pay record may take from 30-60 days. Members must bring enough personal funds to cover miscellaneous living expenses for approximately two weeks after arrival at the in-processing activity. Having a minimum of about $250 is recommended.
    4. Dependents cannot accompany members to processing activities because temporary dependent quarters are not available. Additionally, members will not be reimbursed for dependent travel to processing activities. Veterans should be aware that the first payday should not be expected for at least two weeks after arrival at the processing activity.
    5. Prior service members traveling via POV must conform to Naval Training Center/Naval Station regulations governing current vehicle registration, liability insurance, and valid driver’s license.
    6. All NAVETs/OSVETs sea/shore rotation starts over again on their enlistment date, as if this was their first enlistment.
    7. NAVET/OSVETs will be made available for worldwide assignment, and due to limited time aboard RTC, will have limited negotiations with their rating detailer concerning duty station assignment.
    8. All assigned personnel will successfully complete a U.S. Navy standard BCA/PFA prior to transfer from RTC.

The first 24 to 72 hours onboard RTC will consist of the following:

    1. Urinalysis: A U.S. Navy standard urinalysis test will be performed within the first 24 hours.
    2. Ditty bag issue:  PT gear, towel, and other personal items required for training
    3. Initial U.S. Navy Sea Bag inspection and issue.
    4. I.D. Card:  A New I.D. Card will be issued to all NAVET/OSVETs.
      • Personnel records will be brought up-to-date at this time.  Members are advised to bring all applicable records to ensure a comprehensive administrative process (i.e. DD-214, driver’s license, marriage license, divorce decrees, birth certificate(s) of dependents, etc.).
    5. DEERS enrollment and SGLI paperwork.  In order to update your spouse in DEERS, have a certified copy of his/her ID card (front and back).
    6. For Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) Registration, bring the following to the NAVSTA Great Lakes/RTC Pass and ID Office: Current proof of insurance, a valid state issued driver’s license, state issued vehicle registration and your MEPSCOM issued TAD Orders.
    7. Medical / Dental in processing will begin within the first few working days, so be prepared to support.

Veterans Orientation (NAVET/OSVET) Checklist

Welcome to Recruit Training Command! This checklist is intended to be a single-source document providing material information assisting initial in-processing as a NAVET/OSVET.

I. NAVET/OSVETs will bring the following items for administrative processing:

    1. Photo I.D. / Drivers License
    2. Previous service record to include:
      • Navy Occupation/Training and Awards History (NAVPERS 1070/604)
      • DD-214(s)
      • Verified college or SMART Transcript
    3. Marriage certificate(s) / divorce decree(s) / dependents birth certificate (if applicable)
    4. Direct Deposit System (DDS) enrollment form with bank account and routing number information.
    5. MEPCON Orders
    6. ECM Letter
    7. DD-368 (if applicable)
    8. USMEPCON PCN 680-3ADP
    9. DD 1966/1, 1966/2, 1966/3, 1966/4 Forms
    10. DD 4/1, 4/2 Forms
    11. Annex A to DD Form 4
    12. Any and all serviceable U.S. Navy uniform items. (NAVETs only)

All NAVET/OSVET personnel will complete a full U.S. Navy sea bag inspection prior to transfer from RTC.

II. The following is a list of items that Veterans Orientation Staff recommends you bring to Recruit Training Command:

    1. Currency, ATM or Credit Card
    2. Vehicle (Optional)
      • Current State Registration
      • Valid Proof of insurance
    3. Two complete sets of civilian clothes.
      • NAVET/OSVET staff will inspect all civilian clothes for proper fit and adherence to US Navy Uniform Regulations Chapter 7

III. The following is a list of unauthorized items for NAVETs/OSVETs at Recruit Training Command:

    1. After shave/cologne
    2. Alcoholic beverages
    3. Civilian clothes not in keeping with the spirit of, or in direct violation, US Navy Uniform Regulations
    4. Lighter fluid
    5. Playing cards, dice, gambling paraphernalia
    6. Anything in glass containers including mirrors
    7. Double edged razor blades
    8. Cameras.
    9. Electrical items deemed unnecessary by the staff of RTC or NAVET/OSVET staff.
    10. Food items (gums, candy, chips, etc).
    11. All non-prescription drugs and medications that include but are not limited to:
      • Phisoderm, Phisohex, etc.
      • Foot powders
      • Rubbing alcohol
      • Motion sickness medication
      • Commercial sleeping aids
      • Decongestants
      • Acne medications
      • Antihistamines
      • Analgesics
      • Eye wash (exception: saline solution for contacts)
      • Contraceptives
      • Vitamin
    12. Firearms
    13. Ammunition/fireworks
    14. Clubs, batons, etc.
    15. Brass knuckles
    16. All straight razors, knives, ice picks, scissors
    17. Narcotics/illegal drugs or any paraphernalia

Contact Info

During working hours (0600 – 1600)
(847) 688-2872 x731 or x733

During non-working hours
Please contact Ship 05 Chief of the Deck at: (847) 688-7444 ext: 4.